Insider Report 7/30/2020

This week we take a look at the preliminary plans for reviving transatlantic travel, look at the great offer Emirates has to restore confidence in their travelers, and look at the new mask requirement policies from the hotel industry

Welcome to the weekly National Travel newsletter!  This week we take a look at the preliminary plans for reviving transatlantic travel, look at the great offer Emirates has to restore confidence in their travelers, and look at the new mask requirement policies from the hotel industry!  As always, we appreciate your readership and are happy to provide many other articles on our website!  We have our office open 24/7 so if there are any questions or thoughts we can help with feel free to give us a call or respond to this email.  Have a great weekend!  


 In a recent letter to US and European government leaders, several major airlines have called for a testing system to be developed to allow restrictions to be lifted on travel between the United States and European Union countries.  The letter was signed by representatives from American Airlines, United Airlines and the Lufthansa Group, among others. The airlines urged the respective governments to consider putting testing measures in place to revive transatlantic travel.  The primary argument is that travel between the EU and US is vital to the recovery of the global economy. 

While some essential travelers have been exempt from the restrictions, the European Union currently does not allow United States residents to visit.  The United Kingdom is allowing US Residents to enter, provided that they agree to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival. 

New Rules for Air Travel 

Airline ticket change policies have become more flexible, masks are now mandatory and cabin service has been reduced.  With so many changes to travel policies and restrictions, it is difficult to keep track.  

Click here for a definitive guide on the latest rules for air travel

Emirates Offers to Pay COVID-19 Expenses     

Emirates has recently announced that they will offer to cover their customers’ medical expenses and quarantine costs, should they be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling.  The free service, which is provided to all customers, is offered on all booked flights through October 31, 2020.

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Beginning July 27th, Hyatt Hotels Group, InterContinental Hotels Group and Marriott International Hotels have all begun to require face coverings in their  US and Canada properties.  This mandate comes after the release of the American Hotel and Lodging Association released their “Stay Safe Guest Checklist” last week, which recommends the use of face masks.  Hotels plan to make masks available to guests who do not have them and will require them in all common areas of the properties.  Other hotels, including Hilton Worldwide and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, also plan to enact similar policies soon.  AHLA believes that “requiring face coverings and practicing social distancing in public spaces will create an even safer environment for all our guests and employees.”
The world’s longest commercial flight took around 30 hours!
The so-called ‘Double Sunrise’ service by Qantas, which ran from Australia to Sri Lanka from 1943-45, often lasted over 30 hours, with passengers seeing the sunrise twice. Today the longest commercial flight is the Singapore Airlines Singapore to New York route, with an average journey time of 17 hours and 50 minutes.

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