July 2020

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Insider Report 7/30/2020

This week we take a look at the preliminary plans for reviving transatlantic travel, look at the great offer Emirates has to restore confidence in their travelers, and look at the new mask requirement policies from the hotel industry

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Insider Report 7/23/2020

This week we dive into ASTA pushing Air Canada for a better refund policy, a new partnership between JetBlue and American Airlines, and a definitive guide to Travel Bans!

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Insider Report 7/16/2020

This week we take a look at United, who is adding some flights back while American is still cutting some of theirs! Get updated info on these changes as well as links to the most up to date airline COVID policies

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Insider Report 7/9/2020

This week we are excited to announce our new charter service, AirUps! We also take a deep dive into the safety standards for business travel, traveling to the UK, and Marriotts new cancelation policy.

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Insider Report 7/2/2020

This week we focus on Europes new travel ban for US citizens, the Bahamas reopening and Disney Parks reopening plan

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