News Bulletin 9/3/2020

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Welcome to the weekly National Travel newsletter!  Big news this week!  The major US airlines are dropping the change fees!  We also look at the rapid COVID-19 testing requirements and what might be the perfect work from home office location. Our office is always open so feel free to give us a call or an email with any questions!

Change Fees Sent Packing!

 Following enormous impact the Coronavirus Pandemic has had on the travel industry, most US Airlines suspended their change penalties through the end of the year to allow their customers more flexibility.  This week, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines all announced that they are permanently ending change penalties for most of their domestic tickets.  This means that customers will now be able to make as many changes to their flights as needed, and will only be subject to any fare difference that may apply for their new flight.  
     United Airlines was the first to announce this change, and the airline will also be ending their airport same-day standby fee beginning January 1, 2021.  American Airlines has announced that they will also be enacting a policy to end their same-day standby fee beginning October 1, 2020.  For Delta customers, the fee for same-day standby will remain at $75 but may be waived for customers with elite membership status.  
     Southwest Airlines, who famously has never charged for changes or checked luggage, still remains the carrier with the most changeable tickets.  Southwest, of course, has no change penalty for any of their flights, and will also issue a  travel voucher for the difference in fare if you change to a flight of lesser value.  This policy is the same for American Airlines, but for now, on United Airlines, you may lose the value of your fare difference.  Southwest also allows their credits to be converted to points, while most of the other major airlines will not.  So, while the other major US airlines have begun to eliminate more of their fees, Southwest Airlines still claims the most flexible tickets in the industry. 
     If you have any questions on how this will impact your travel then reach out to our agents and we will be happy to answer any questions!  Click here to contact us!
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Rapid Testing Required for Travel

Many countries are now requiring proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival. The website Rapid Testing for Travel provides an interactive tool for users to find, report, and review rapid testing sites in their state.  If you have any questions about the procedures or regulations around your travel, call National Travel and we can answer all your questions! 

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Work from Home in Bermuda!

   Tired of working from home? For a $263 application fee the Work from Bermuda Certificate allows you to live an work remotely in Bermuda for up to 1 year!  Bermuda is one of only four countries in the world assesed with only a “moderate” risk for the Coronavirus and the island has also just been recognized with the “Safe Travel” Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council.  Want to take advantage of this amazing option for a home office?  Contact us and we will help get you there! 

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Fun Fact of the Week!

Pilots and co-pilots do not eat the same meal before a flight.

As part of standard convention, pilots and co-pilots do not eat the same food before a flight in case of food poisoning (or worse). If one of the pilots is incapacitated (unable to leave the bathroom) then the other pilot can take over.

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Editor: Kelsey Morgan