News Bulletin 8/20/2020

Insider Report

Welcome to the weekly National Travel newsletter!  This week we are happy to announce that we can now offer Uber and Lyft reservations to all of our travelers, we also take a look at what is going on with both of these companies in California, explore the restrictions on the US land borders, and give an update on the cruise industry suspensions.  feel free to give us a call or an email!

National Travel Now Booking Uber and Lyft!

We are excited to announce National Travel has partnered with the company GoGo to be able to book Uber and Lyft reservations for our travelers!  Let us know if you need a ride to the airport or around town and we will include the rideshare with the rest of your reservation.  These bookings will show up on your traveler’s itinerary just like any other part of the reservation to make keep everything conveniently all in one place.  When setting up the rideshare reservation just let your agent know what card you would like to use and we will invoice the ride with the rest of your travel.   This service can be used to schedule rides as far in advance as you need and when its time to find your car you will receive a text or call notification to introduce your driver and what vehicle to look for.  We hope this will help our travelers to have a more stress-free travel experience and look forward to assisting with your reservations.  Contact us for any questions or to make a reservation! 

Lyft and Uber, Avoid Halting Service in California

Today Lyft and Uber were prepared to suspend their service in California due to the recent legislation requiring them to reclassify their employees from independent contractors to employees. The Court of Appeals has stepped in and granted a reprieve that delays the order until Sept. 4th currently, however, both companies are pushing for a longterm solution. This change would represent a drastic change in the business model for both companies though Lyft says that they have been advocating a path to offer benefits to their drivers for multiple years. According to Lyft, this sudden shift would cause 80% of drivers to lose work and the rest would have scheduled shifts and capped hourly earnings as well as cause the cost of rides to increase for riders.

US Land Boarder Restrictions Continue


A ban on all non-essential travel at the US land boarders with Canada and Mexico has been in place since March.  The ban has now been extended for another 30 days, through September 21st.  This restriction does not cover air travel or trade, but could last for several more months, depending on the progression of the coronavirus.  Click here to read more from Reuters

Cruising Suspended Through October 31st

Earlier this month, the Cruise Lines International Association announced that all of its ocean-going cruise lines have agreed to voluntarily suspend operations in the US at least through the end of October.  CLIA and its members made this decision to demonstrate to their consumers that they are committed to public health and safety.  A possible extension of the suspension, or even an earlier restart, may be possible depending on the changing conditions and travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  

Fun Fact of the Week

The most expensive airport to city taxi ride costs around $235!

 Any budget traveler worth their salt attempts to avoid airport taxis at all costs, but anyone keeping an eye on their finances should certainly avoid jumping in a cab from Tokyo’s Narita Airport. According to a study by Moneycorp (a currency exchange company), the ride is the most expensive airport-to-city transfer in the world, costing an average of £191/$235 one way.

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Editor: Kelsey Morgan