News Bulletin 7/09/2020

Insider Report

Welcome to the weekly National Travel newsletter!  This week we are excited to announce our new charter service, AirUps!  We also take a deep dive into the safety standards for business travel, traveling to the UK, and Marriotts new cancelation policy. We have our office open 24/7 so if there are any questions or thoughts we can help with feel free to give us a call or respond to this email!   

Charter Flights on Your Schedule!

 National Travel is proud to announce our latest service upgrade, AirUps!  We have developed a network of charter operators that allow our clients to book a personal flight to and from anywhere. Aircraft ranging from executive turboprops to full-size jets, you will get to your destination in comfort and style.  These flights will operate on your schedule, be incredibly easy to book, and are surprisingly affordable!

Most major airlines have pulled many of their flights from the small and medium-sized cities due to the drop in demand from the Coronavirus, so the charter companies are the natural solution to this new lack in available flights.   A private charter is also guaranteed to be clean and sanitary as opposed to the crowded commercial flights.   

Our Easy Booking Process!
Call us with your requested flight details
Within 60 minutes we will provide you with quotes
Arrive at the airport and go straight to your flight!

Amazingly Affordable!
Price is based on flat aircraft rate per hour
The more travelers the less cost per person
Can use as a bare taxi service or add on additional amenities for comfort. 

Marriott Updates Cancellation Policy
     In response to constant travel changes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Marriott International Hotels had previously modified their cancellation policies to allow for guests to cancel any future bookings up until 24 hours prior to arrival without penalty, including bookings with prepaid rates.  As of July 5th, this policy has now expired.  Travelers will still be able to cancel new bookings up to 24 hours prior to arrival without a penalty, but only for stays between July 6th and September 30th, 2020. Bookings with prepaid rates may also no longer be included in this policy depending on the policies of the individual property.  
Americans in Europe   

While the European Union member countries are not accepting most American travelers, countries within the United Kingdom are open with some restrictions.  Travelers arriving in the UK will be required to complete a Public Health Locator form, self-isolate for 14 days and will be contacted to verify compliance.    In addition to being denied entry, travelers could receive a large fine of up to £1,000 for refusal to comply
with these measures.  

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Task Force Releases Safety Standards for Business Travel 

After about eight weeks of work, the Travel and Meetings Standards task force has released a document to serve as a safety guideline for when business travel begins to resume.  The task force was comprised of 180 managed travel buyers, suppliers and consultants who worked to develop protocols in eight key areas across three phases of the health crisis.  The represented phases will range from most severe (global pandemic declaration), to least severe (no global pandemic) and cover all modes of business travel including: air; lodging; ground transportation; rail; meetings and events; travel management companies; online booking tools and global distribution systems; data management; and traveler education.  

     The most focused work by the volunteers on the task force was on the middle phase of the health crisis, designated as “moving in or out of pandemic.”  The standards within this phase will closely mirror standards for the global pandemic phase to ensure safety.  The task force wanted it to be clear that many of these standards are intended to be permanent and are not to be abandoned as travel restrictions begin to lift. 

Click here to access the full standards report.
Fun Fact of the Week!
The “smoke-line” left by an airplane is really water vapor. A longer lasting, wider line could be the tell-tale sign of an impending storm while a short lasting one indicates low-humidity air and fair weather.

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Editor: Kelsey Morgan